Reasons to Smile

Reasons to Smile Reasons to SmileFor a long time I felt insecure to show my smile in pictures because of my chipped tooth. I was dealing with this for over a year and unable to get it fixed because of the cost (getting an implant is like putting down for a house down payment! Lol). So it wasn’t until last year that I decided to invest on my new tooth. My smile was important to me; as a blogger and influencer I felt it was taking away from opportunities I did not want to miss out on. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with imperfections. This isn’t about being vain. We all have flaws and that is what makes us unique. But at the end of the day, it’s all about being happy when you look at yourself in the mirror.A good friend of mine recommended I’d go see Dr. Scherrer (Advanced Dental Care) My first appointment was back in November. I felt very comfortable with Dr. S so I followed up with another appointment in December, and decided to proceed with the implant. It took until April to get the entire procedure done, however it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I got my crown in and believe me, every single penny was so worth the wait. The whole procedure was about $5k, and I did pay out of pocket unfortunately as I do not have health insurance at the moment.Reasons to SmileDress Vicidolls Booties Basalt  Sunglasses Quay Taking care of your teeth and your health is so important. A few years back I wouldn’t have invested on something like this, even while having a job. But I made it a priority to put away money for this and I’m very happy with the outcome. Trust me, I could’ve used that money on a bag or go on another vacation, but decided to invest in myself first this time.The next step is getting my teeth nice and white! I just went in for my cleaning last week and I promised myself to stay loyal to my dentist. The fear I had is no longer taking control of me.So, if you’re like me and having a hard time going to the dentist because of fear or maybe because it is out of your budget, do the best you can and start saving and get it done. Our health is important; it’s not just about looking good physically but feeling good as well. Our teeth is just as important as going to the gym to get ripped abs or that perfect butt!

I hope this blog inspired you guys in a different kind of way, because style and fashion are important but so is your health.
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