Glow GlowHappy Monday lovers!Okay so we all know by now that I love having summer glowing skin. For me, having that sun-kissed glow all year around is an essential, so I wanted to share with you one of my beauty tips on how to rock that summer glow 24/7.I always believe that it’s not just about having the perfect outfit, but also feeling great about your body. Summer is right around the corner and I know we are all ready to rock those shorts and off the shoulder tops!(my fav) I’ve already pulled out my shoulder tops since February haha but hey, I was traveling out to warmer weather places so I had a good excuse lol.Alrighty let’s get to it! I absolutely love embracing my skin, showing it off and feeling sexy, and I know these little tricks will do the same for you! As much as I enjoy spending hours at the beach soaking in the sun, we all know that is a major no no for our skin.(All in moderation, ladies and gents!) And of course spending endless hours(along with money) at a tanning salon can be a bit of a pain and time consuming. So my go-to’s for that perfect tan are body bronzers. I love using body bronzers and I also use a highlight, as I have found the right face highlight serves as a great body highlight as well. It’s all about contouring your shoulders and legs for the perfect glow to achieve that summer tan! 😉Below are the links for my favorite glows, and if you have a great highlight at home you can also use them with a mist spray and your good to go!Make sure to try one of these amazing products! I absolutely love them and they stay on all day without smearing or running on to my clothing. I’m sure the next time you throw on that sexy dress or off the shoulder top you will feel like you just came back from soaking up some some at the beach with that beautiful summer glow 😉Enjoy! xo, K GlowGlowStila Aqua Glow Perfecting Bronzer  Thiswork Perfect leg sculpt & shine  Pur Bronze your Selfie  Pur No Filter Primer Marc Jacob Spotlight Glow Stick  Natasha Denona Face Glow Cream Shimmer GlowOff the shoulder top Asbydf Jeans Zara  Sunglasses Windsor Store   Article by

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