toucan top

toucan toptoucan toptoucan toptoucan toptoucan toptoucan topConfession? I really don’t like birds. It’s not like I hate them or wish them harm, but I really don’t like them. Mostly because I’ve been pooped on one too many times. But also because of they way the seem to shoot for my head every time I’m near them. Because of my phobia, I tend to stay clear of the birds in fashion too. Then I saw this Zara toucan top and that went straight out the window. I mean, it’s so damn cute I couldn’t resist! Sadly, it’s not on sale online but maybe you can still find one in store. I think it’s a great score and a step towards liking birds again.Zara top (similar) // Madewell jeans // Joie heels // Maison Du Sac purseArticle by

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