April in Europe

April in Europe April in Europe Buongiorno from Italia, hope everyone is having a great evening! I wanted to share with you guys some of the items I purchased for my trip. A few of you have asked so I figured it will be perfect to write a blog.Not everyday you get to travel to your dream city. I wanted to make this trip special, an experience that would live with me forever. I was so clueless with what to pack since I have never been to Europe and wasn’t sure about the weather. After doing some research a few months before I was able to find out that it was going to be be Spring which was perfect because I love Spring!I must admit I did go a bit over budget when it came to shopping. I started online shopping on Free People, Revolve, Net a porte and so many other stores. I was obsessed with finding all the right outfits for my trip: I mean, who wouldn’t be. I express myself through fashion and being able to do so in the city of my dreams, I was overwhelmed with excitement!Not only did I travel to Paris but I was able to spend a day and a half in Barcelona and 3 days in Italy. Don’t worry, I will be sharing all the details about my trip and give you all the tips on where to go and what no to do in Europe. There is so much I learned about myself, about who I am and where do I want to be in life.I truly believe in spending a little extra on things such as shoes and handbags. I have been eyeing a YSL handbag for months now but did not want spend so much money so instead I purchased this small red cross-body which is perfect being that there are a lot “pickpocketers” in Europe.Another tip I was given was not to pack any heels. Instead I decided to bring my Golden Goose (sneakers with the star), which are the most comfortable pairs of sneakers ever! You can walk all day and trust me they are worth every penny. I also got my first pair of Isabel Marant, I’m a huge fan of hers. Don’t be afraid to invest on a good pair of shoes, you wont regret it! I know sometimes we don’t like to repeat shoes with an outfit but I’ve learned that’s not true. Only pack a few pair of shoes that you feel will go with multiple outfits, it will save you space and money.My plan was totally different, I pictured myself taking pictures in every corner but that wasn’t what occurred. Instead I enjoyed dinner, I enjoyed the breeze, I enjoyed the culture, the food and most importantly the time just passing buy as I focused on myself. I wasn’t worried about taking pictures, so weird right, you’d think I was just flashing away. I learned so much on this trip, not only about myself but about others. Paris, Barcelona and Italy all have a story, and you my friend can be part of sharing that with others. Spread your horizons, see the world, trust me it’s not all about glitz and glamour. Thanks for reading xo, KApril in EuropePrint Dress Vicidolls Romper Free People Lace Dress Asos  Article by kyrzayda.com

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