Woman of Color

Woman of Color Woman of ColorBeing a woman of color In this industry is hard. Mega hard. I’m a Latina who is proud of her roots and I won’t ever deny where I came from.I believe we live in a society where color is important. However, I never knew that it would affect my work and doing what I love to do the most. When I say it affects me, it’s because I see it all of the time. Doors that I am qualified to go through open for others but not for me because I am Latina. I am dark skinned and I reach what some companies believe is an not an ideal demographic. They often question whether or not I can sell their brand. I’ve also taken notice to who brands do and don’t repost. Some brands with a huge platform will only allow certain looks or physical types.I was once told by a brand that I was not fit for their style. Mind you, I’ve spent thousands on this particular brand which I love. But for them to say that I don’t fit in their criteria made me wonder. So wait, does that mean that as a woman of color I shouldn’t spend money on certain brands because they don’t repost or hire woman of color to promote their brand?  The way I see is  I was born this way and believe God has a plan for me bigger than life. I have been fortunate to work with amazing brands, but I have also been rejected by plenty other brands. I feel like that shouldn’t stop me. I should prove to the industry that I don’t have to be a certain color to wear a particular designer.It bothers me to the point it that it has made me cry but I keep going, and I’m so proud of how far I have made it by not listening to those naysayers. The ones who don’t believe. I take pride on my work. I might not be the most perfect blogger, but I certainly have learned to be one who inspires all kinds of people. People of color, Latinos.. I feel because I’m of color and Latina I need to be excellent at what I do. I need master this talent of mine and make sure my journey is awesome.So next time you feel like we don’t count, or you don’t count for whatever reason, STOP IT RIGHT THERE and don’t take personal. This is not only for latinos or women of color. This is for everyone who ever felt as if they didn’t get an opportunity because of their gender, status, or belief. You count and I count. One day the industry will adjust to us and then they will know that we are equally capable and just as good as the rest. Woman of Color Thanks for stoping by xo, K Article by kyrzayda.com

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