Coffee Break with Samantha

Coffee Break with Samantha Coffee Break with SamanthaCoffee Break with SamanthaHappy Sunday lovers,I meet up with Samantha from @samanthatatiana, to chat a little bit about life, and my upcoming trip to Paris, Barcelona and Italy. I’m so exited for my trip guys so much it’s like I can cry. Wow how did I get here? That’s my question .. I have been promising myself this trip since like forever but financially I couldn’t afford it .. I would always listen to the naysayers that would say “oh Europe is expensive” or just giving me reasons to believe I wasn’t good enough to go. I’m Spanish so for us we only travel to our counties (or Miami) lol in my 20’s I didn’t do a lot of traveling but I’m certainly excited to start in my late 30’s .. and there is nothing wrong with starting late, in anything you do in life.
Seriously I feel like I’m finally learning to LIVE.I’m going to Paris with the love of my life. “Myself” wow I can truly say I overcame all those feelings .. tho still a bit insecure I’m so thankful I have grown so much this past years. I’m thankful I’m taking this trip now and not years ago when my mentality was different. The insecure girl, afraid of change, the girl who didn’t take lots of risks, always guarded and kind of with a broken heart. I can’t wait to just seat there in front of the Eiffel towel and just say wow God thank you for allowing me to get this far. Most people don’t even get to travel to see their families in the foreign countries. And with everything going on in the world it’s kind of scary to travel but hey it’s so fulfilling. I really hope God blesses my trip to be everything I ever expected N I can share a bit of this beautiful world with you guys on my feed.For my look I got a bit of Italy inspired with this Maxi dress from Vicidolls and a Hermes mini scarf .. lately I have been so into rocking low key pieces with high end.I think Samantha might have convinced me to buy something luxury overseas. She found her Gucci flats in Italy and saved about $95 dollars – now that’s my type of shopper. Here is a helpful tip if your shopping overseas for example in Italy for Italian made goods there is no import fee as there is in the U.S Coffee Break with SamanthaIt’s also so refreshing to meet up with other blogger babes because we keep each other inspired and motivated. I guess no matter what your following is remember numbers are numbers .. and brands will value your work, so stay focused on your work and find one millions to take that trip. Love me;) xo K Outfit: Dress Vicidolls Espadrilles Chanel Maestra Handbag Senreve  Article by

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