What moves you + Banana Republic

What moves you + Banana Republic What moves you + Banana RepublicWhat moves you + Banana RepublicHappy Wednesday ladies and gents!The last couple days I couldn’t help but to reflect and ask myself, what moves me physically and emotionally?I have so many things that move me everyday. In the physical scheme of things, I love staying active by going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle. I also love planning my week around my blog, creating content, and working on different campaigns. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and working non-stop on my blog keeps me super busy physically.What moves me emotionally, is my family and the love I have for my work, my followers and my amazing friends. The constant love and support from everyone emotionally helps me to stay positive working in this industry.Finding time for myself is also very important to me. Learning to really love myself, being intentional and taking care of my soul, is something I struggled with for a long time.
As I got older and went through my fair share of bumps along the road, I’ve learned to appreciate everything about myself- including my flaws. Some things I love about little ‘old me? Well, let’s see- I love going for mani’s and pedi’s, I love a good spa day, I love getting myself flowers for no reason, oh and I love to cook! (As you all know, I love to eat, lol)I like to see life as one big race full of emotional and physical (and mental) hurdles, good and bad. It’s part of life. It’s what helps shape us, for the better. And so I partnered up with Banana Republic to share with you guys what moves me physically and emotionally. I love the fact that not only do I get to share my looks with you, but I also get to share the reason for all my hard work, and that, is because of self love, family, my faith and my Blog. Also wanted to share this two looks style with some Banana Republic pieces. The denim shirt and jumper fit amazing. Enjoy the looks. What moves you + Banana RepublicWhat moves you + Banana Republic  Outfit: Denim Shirt Banana Republic Wide Leg Jumper Banana Republic  Hope you guys find the little things that motivate you! What moves you today?  XO, K Article by kyrzayda.com

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