Floral + Jeans

Floral + Jeans Floral + JeansFloral + JeansFloral + JeansFloral + JeansFloral + JeansFloral + JeansHappy Weekend guys! I hope everyone is enjoying what seems to be not so very Spring like weather. I’ve still been very inspired and shooting some Spring looks. My new obsession: mixing jeans with maxi dresses. I first tried this looks years ago. I guess since we are still in winter mood it’s ok to mix heavier pieces with your lighter ones. My trip to Paris is really is inspiring me to do different things with my looks.  I’m also super excited because my friend Joanne and I decide to go to Greece instead of London. We figured since Greece is closer to Italy, it just works perfectly. I’m trying to be mentally prepared for this trip. It’s practically one of my dreams. I can’t wait to share this with guys. I love creating content for you all.Now let’s talk about my hat. OMG, I tell you this hat is perfect for my trip, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Im not so confident when it comes to hats, but this one just brings my confidence to another level. The hat is from Lack of Color. I really hope you guys enjoy this look and break all rules when it comes to pairing your favorite pieces together.Catch you guys next time xo, K      Article by kyrzayda.com

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