Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith Leap of FaithLeap of FaithHappy Friday Lovers!Hope everyone had a productive week! Monday was the first day of Spring (can I get an AMEN?! lol). I am so happy because it’s been over a year since I took that leap of faith and quit my job to pursue my dream. I wasn’t sure where my journey would take me, but I knew I believed in myself, my work, and what I capable of. Everyday is a race, but I always tell myself that I will make that finish line, at my pace. It gives me that extra boast of motivation, especially when I make my own schedule, my own rules- I run my own show. Ever since starting my own blog and online boutique, I’ve gotten tons of questions such as, how I started blogging, is blogging is considered a career? Do I get paid? When did I start blogging? How did I gain such a huge following? and etc…you get the drift. And so I wanted to tell you how I went about my journey and hopefully my story can help you in what ever it is that you are interested in starting up, if you are thinking of starting something of your own!I started blogging as a hobby in 2013, shortly after that I lost my job. It did take some time to get into a rhythm, focus on my page full-time, and learning the skills of WordPress. I was horrible at it in the beginning stages, and was only posting one blog post a week, if that. At the time there weren’t many bloggers, and the whole blogging industry was a lot different then. It was definitely much more organic, and Instagram was still in it’s beginning stage in popularity.In 2014 I wanted to build a good foundation for myself, so I knew consistency was key. So I went in full force; I began posting a few times a week, I was going to conferences, I was soaking in everything I could to help me master the skill of blogging. I became very mindful of my pictures, so I had an intern for about 6 months and she really helped me throughout the beginning phase of my blog site. Another thing I went full force in was networking. I started networking A LOT more. In this industry it’s all about learning and observing, and being able to work with those you meet and see your vision. It was in November of 2014 when I met Denisse @thugnanny_ and honestly, she was an answered prayer. I began shooting with Denisse pretty much every week, creating so much content that helped boost my blog and IG for the better, along with also revamping my blog on WordPress. I was working myself up so much because I wanted more, but it was all the people and utilizing all the tools given to me that helped build up my blog and my social media platforms. The more I started gaining followers the more things just kind of fell into place.Because I’ve come a long way, I also owe it to you guys to do my best! 2015 was the year of so many opportunities: I opened my online boutique which helped me get a kick start into the art of being a buyer, which I absolutely love and enjoy doing. Being my own buyer for my own boutique is the best feeling and I get the opportunity to give my followers the shopping experience with my blog and social media.2016 was the year where I finally quit my day job and trusted in God that I could do this full-time. I remember telling myself how will I do this? HOW? As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my faith is what kept me going. I guess those little miracles we pray about just happened when I let God take control and thats when everything really started to change, for the better. Being able to now look back and reflect, makes me proud to see how far I’ve come, with no college diploma, just a young woman who had a vision. My drive and determination is what kept me going. With the seed planted in me, I was able to create a life for myself I never dreamed of. Working with amazing brand and developing relationships. I still have so much more to strive for. But I’m taking it one day at a time. I have my struggles, but I always tell myself that I can do it. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again! I thank GOD everyday for his grace and most importantly, to be able to acknowledge him through my work. I hope this answers some of your questions, but most importantly, I hope it gives you the motivation in your own journey. Remember to always love what you do.Below my favorite maxi dresses for Spring Season! Enjoy xo K Leap of FaithLeap of FaithLeap of FaithWearing Dress Vici Dolls Handbag Zara  Denim Jacket Aritzia old ALSO HEREXoKK  Article by kyrzayda.com

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