Old Trend, New Trend

Old Trend, New Trend Old Trend, New TrendOld Trend, New TrendHappy Thursday Ladies and Gents!For those who do not know I’m a buyer for my online boutique, Kyrz’s Closet, for a little over a year now. Buying has always been a passion of mine since my “Once Upon a Skirt” (clothing store I used to work for) days back in 2011. Not only did I enjoy styling but I loved the whole process of picking the clothing and accessories. When I shop I think two things: First, finding pieces at an affordable price and secondly, making sure all my pieces are not only affordable, but also good quality is key. I also try to keep in mind to find pieces that are popular in todays trend.And since we are on the topic of whats trendy and current, the reason for this blog, is because one trend that is hitting hard again this year are the “off the shoulder” tops and blouses. It was all over my feed last year to the point where someone had said to me that it was time to get ride of them because I wore them so much! (as Stephanie Tanner would say, “how rude!”) Well, I hate to do it again (not really lol) but nope- this trend is coming back and I couldn’t be happier! The way I see it is, being sexy doesn’t mean having to expose every part of your body. But there is nothing more sexier (all while being tasteful) than a little shoulder action, and it really does make an outfit stand out for every woman in any size. My shop will have many different off the shoulder tops in different styles and designs, so do keep a look out!For today’s look on my blog I shot this in L.A and I absolutely love it. Its simple but with a great statement bag, heels and this stripped off the shoulder top, I feel like a million bucks 😉So ladies, if you’re feeling the same way and love rocking off the shoulder tops like myself, now is the time to do so and you rock it out confidently! Because I know, you will look fab doing so! 🙂Old Trend, New TrendROCK it out, dolls!Catch you next time, xo K Outfit Top Windsor Jeans Citizen of Humanity (Aritzia) Shoes Steve Madden Handbag Patricia Nash Article by kyrzayda.com

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