Obsessed with Flats

Obsessed with Flats Obsessed with FlatsHello Ladies and Gents, Happy Tuesday!!So, many of you don’t know this, but I’m about 5’3 (yes I’m on the short side of the spectrum lol) but my photographer Denise makes me look taller in all my pictures (Thanks, Denise! haha) A few years ago flats were not part of my everyday look, I actually never owned a pair. Sneakers, yes, but flats weren’t a staple look for me, as comfy as they are. For me personally, at that time flats were not an option because I didn’t quite feel confident or sexy in them. As time went on, along with my style evolving, I’ve adapted to and added more and more flats into my looks, which I honestly LOVE now. This past year I purchased a ton of different types of flats from beach wear to fun causal flats and a few that I can use to dress up in. I’ve learned how to incorporate flats in my looks with a super chic flare. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite flats, as well as this look on how I style mine on a casual LA sunny day.Funny thing is, I have gotten more attention on my casual looks versus my more glamorous shoots. That could stem from many reasons, but I think one of the reasons for that is simply because styling a dress for example, can be so simple at times where you can pair some cute flats with it and wah-la! you got yourself a cute, chic yet comfy look, that lots of us women choose to prefer shower with no heels when on the go. Again, it all depends on the occasion, I know most of us love heels but don’t do heels at the airport lol (unless that is how you rock it, then I am not knocking it! You go girl lol)I love causal looks with my flats wether it be my cute and fashion forward pair from Target, or my super cool Hermes flats. Another awesome trend is the loafers! They are everywhere now- Gucci has really made a huge come back with these babies. I am seeing everyone with them on IG (well except me lol) but you can find look a likes for an affordable price at stores like Steve Madden or Century 21. I think those will be my next investment staple piece. My latest invest were the Chanel espadrilles and that is only because I refuse to spend 4K for a bag at the moment, so I’ll start small and treat myself to a shoes just under 1k. That may still be a lot for many, (and trust, it is) but being the fashion obsessed, I couldn’t help but to treat myself. Everyone has there guilty pleasures, and this is one for me lol.Overall, how do you guys feel about flats? Would you rather dress up your outfits with flats or do you prefer to wear heels most times?Obsessed with FlatsObsessed with FlatsObsessed with FlatsObsessed with FlatsThanks for stopping by guys XO, K Outfit 1 Dress Kyrzs Closet (Coming soon) Flats Vicidolls Handbag Cult GaiaOutfit 2 Lace up Denim Jumpsuit Vicidolls Flats Vicidolls Clutch (Handmade) Alma Vistoso Sunglasses Windsor Store    Article by kyrzayda.com

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