Hi Ladies and Gents!What a short but super productive week it’s been for me for this year’s Fashion Week! Although I didn’t attend as many shows as I had originally planned, I did a ton of networking and met with a few PR reps, and it’s always exciting to connect with people behind the fashion scene who make the magic happen for a lot of these brands we represent. So I wanted to share a recap of the looks I wore during fashion week, and even though I wanted to shoot a bunch of looks, I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get all the pictures I wanted due to my crazy schedule. For next season though I made a mental note to hire someone for the whole week and take pictures so that you guys can get a real look at all the outfits I wore and some amazing outfits I saw others wear that were to-die-for!I also think for next season I am going to prepare myself even more by booking a longer stay at an airbnb with some of my fellow bloggers. I think having all my blogger friends together and capturing all the creatively around us is vital to getting as much inspiration from one another, and I have to say- I am super blessed to have a group of work friends that motivate one another to do better. Hugs and kisses to them! But yeah, I was in the city for almost a week and just the traveling alone can be so exhausting! However I made a goal to start networking more in the city that I plan to execute and it starts off with meetings next week and a full calendar of meetings ahead. I’m super excited to see my business grow each day!This year’s (like every year) street style was filled with lots of fun colors, lots of fur, (real and faux) and tons of mixed patterns paired together. That is something I am also going to add onto my style and be a bit more daring with standing out. As I’ve said before, I am all bout rebranding, trying out new looks and getting myself out there with my image and I think so far I’ve been doing a good job. This year’s Fashion Week definitely inspired me to continue to step out of my box and be more daring.I’m going to be honest guys and gals… the weather really played a big part on my looks; I was clueless what to wear in the snow (we all know the cold is my least favorite season lol) BUT, I made it work and pulled some real cool looks for you to see. Some of my looks included leather, (my fav) oversized pieces, fishnets, bandana’s and color pants (which you will be seeing a lot more come spring and summer). Lace, Florals and a awesome Parka.  NYFW IG RecapNYFW IG RecapNYFW IG RecapNYFW IG RecapFaux Fur Collar Biker Zara Black Embroidered Maxi Dress LulusCatch you later guys, xo K Article by kyrzayda.com

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