Coffee Break + Fishnets

Coffee Break + Fishnets Coffee Break + FishnetsCoffee Break + FishnetsCoffee Break + FishnetsHappy Weekend Lovers, So, lets talk fishnets. The popular look of the fishnets is making their way in again! I noticed this trend is seen pretty much in every blog site that I follow. One cool thing I noticed though, is how a lot of fashion forward trendsetters are mixing it up by wearing fishnet stockings under jeans, which I absolutely love! I guess we can’t get way from the boyfriend and distressed jean look. (hey, I’m not mad at that)
The trend is huge amongst my favorite bloggers. One that I personally love is my friend Glency, who styled the fishnet stockings with 5 different looks on her most recent blog. I love how fishnet stockings with a nice simple dress can really make a huge difference.
I wanted to start posting my favorite trends for the season, the fishnet stockings being one of them and I have two pairs myself. I got from from Windsor and the other pair from Nordstrom. Remember, make sure your investing a pair that are comfortable and the right fit. 😉
I hope you guys enjoy! Catch you guys next time!XO, K Coffee Break + FishnetsJacket Windsor Fishnets Nordstrom Sneakers Converse Watch Kapten & Son   Article by

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