Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Valentine’s Gift Guide! Valentine’s Gift Guide!Hi Ladies and Gents,I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites items right now and of course, why not make it a little “extra” special for that one person in your life. I’m really into home decor, so if your partner loves home decor here are some awesome ideas for them to get inspired!
To be honest, I’m not a huge ‘roses’ kind of gal, I guess the reason for that is because I buy them for myself so often lol. So, my fellow guy and gal followers- if you plan on getting your partner flowers, here is a link of a cool place that will deliver some really special flowers to your significant other, BUT… make sure she loves roses or flowers, either or 🙂
If you have been dating for a few months now then I’d recommend booking a special couples spa day, a romantic lunch, or even something as simple as a mani & pedi (trust, that will make any female, or male if you will, happy lol)… or maybe a weekend gateaway for those who want to splurge a bit. I’m loving the whole rave of the Wine and Paint nights at local bars or restaurants, or even going to a cooking class with a group or private session with your partner. I’ve gone to one and I really enjoyed it.I hope my tips help out a bit and remember, make each moment special, regardless of what you give to your partner, big or small.xo,K  Article by

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