Emergency Moisturizers That Actually Work

We’re having a much warmer winter than average, but that’s not to say my skin doesn’t demand its moisturizers…I’ve learned the hard way that ultra-nourishing skincare products need to be within arm’s reach these early months so I’m not scrambling for emergency moisturizers when I start flaking like a reptile. I shared my favorite beauty oils here, which I still love and stand by, but sometimes I’m not really in the mood for an oil… That’s where these come in handy.Emergency Moisturizers That Actually Work
Emergency Moisturizers That Actually WorkEmergency Moisturizers That Actually Work
Le Metier de Beaute is a brand I just discovered late last year and I’m surprised it’s not talked about enough. It deserves to be as revered as La Mer and La Prairie. It looks and feels like a light-weight moisturizer, but don’t be fooled – it locks in maximum moisture overnight. If you notice any redness or flakiness on the skin, one pump of this stuff will cure it all. I don’t find it too heavy or irritating, but it does have quite a strong grandma aroma that lingers a while. Anyone who can’t seem to find something that works will be startled by this one.I absolutely LOVE honey as a skincare ingredient. I recently had a horrendous outbreak of acne again… my last bout was in 2013 so you can imagine how horrified I’ve been. Honey has become my go-to so I’m happy that it’s a key ingredient in this product. This cream may appear to be thick, but you only need a little – it doesn’t make your face greasy or shiny. It goes on so easily and keeps my skin super smooth. The one thing I have noticed about Nuxe products is that I usually don’t like how they smell. If you can get over that, you’ll love this!Emergency Moisturizers That Actually WorkEmergency Moisturizers That Actually Work
I’ve basically given up on body moisturizers and have stuck solely with oils, and then I stumbled upon this one. I don’t know what LMDB put in this formulation but it works gloriously. I’m very surprised given its liquidy texture… It goes on the skin like milk, but magically replenishes and repairs it. My daughter suffers from a mild case of eczema, which flares up in the winter and even she loves this stuff. I’m not new to this Aesop hand cream, but it remains a favorite from 2016 up until now. For one, I’m crazy in love with the citrus scent – just splendid! It’s fast-absorbing, which most hand creams lack (a HUGE deal-breaker for me) and keeps my hands and cuticles soft without the annoying slip. It’s a travel-must when out and about in the winter. And as a bonus, I LOVE Aesop’s packaging…they’re the most photogenic products ever 😉   

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Emergency Moisturizers That Actually Work

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