5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now

I’m trying to become more selective, edited, and minimal when it comes to my skincare routine…because the level of sensitivity my skin hits in the bleak winter is serious business – consider yourself beyond lucky if you don’t have dry and acne-prone skin. I’ve learned the hard way that the best approach around this season is to carefully select highly nourishing cleansers, moisturizers, and masks while avoiding abrasive products. At night, I’m even trying to layer on less a few days a week and let the skin work its natural rhythms… 5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now

Griffin & Row Skin Cleanser Cream

Ever since the temperatures have dropped, this cleanser has become my first pick morning and night. Although described as a cream cleanser, I think it feels more like a gel-cream hybrid that leaves the skin ultra soft, fresh, and most importantly, nourished. Often times, I’ll start noticing dry patches around this time of the year after cleansing, but it’s been over a month and I haven’t had that issue, which has been the most impressive thing so far. The only thing is it doesn’t remove eye makeup particularly well, but that’s no burden with a little micellar water.5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now

Griffin & Row Natural Skin Moisturizer

I’m not sure if I said it here, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to incorporate more natural beauty products into my life. Griffin & Row has obviously made that much easier for me at this point (and we’re only ~3 weeks into the new year!). I love that this moisturizer is basically a cocktail of all the oils I love – it doesn’t feel heavy, thick, or greasy, AND you only need a little bit to moisturize the entire face. You can use this one both day and night although I’ve mostly used it during the day and my skin has been enjoying it.I’m in no way or form trying to promote this line, but it’s just super effective and **affordable**. If anything, the one thing they have reeled me in on is this muslin cloth. I know – I thought the same thing: What could be so special about a muslin cloth? I think it makes a genius gentle exfoliator for everyday. After continued use, I’ve felt that my pores are less clogged and I’ve noticed more clarity in my skin. Another way I like to use it is dousing it in hot water and laying it over my face like a mask for a few minutes – it’s such a versatile little gem…who would’ve known…I decided late last year that once a week, I’d forgo my retinols and fancy serums, and instead just apply an oil or overnight mask. I’ve never used an overnight mask before so I didn’t know what to expect, but this one by Belif has me convinced that miracles do exist in a jar. I have quite a bit of acne scars and really feel like this one has helped lightened them, but you have to use it consistently. I also feel like it revitalizes the skin beautifully after a rough night or if the chilly temps are just taking a toll on your skin.5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right NowMy favorite thing about this exfoliator is it’s exactly what I wanted – something nonabrasive, but actually removes the dead skin cells. You literally see bits of skin and debris rolling up as you massage this into your face. It’s gentle enough that I’m sure even the most sensitive skins can appreciate it. It’s for sure a Winter staple. You can pick it up at Peach & Lily,  All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind
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5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now

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