2016 20162016Happy Friday my lovely ladies and gents!As I reflect over this year, the one thing that immediately comes to mind is -“wow, 2016 you really hit me hard!” I remember on January 7th of 2016, a week after the New Year, I was scheduled to work that day. I remember it being odd hours but I didn’t think too much into it. As I walk in and get ready to head onto the floor, The District Manager of the store pulled to the side and wanted to speak with me. To bring the story back, three weeks prior I had sent a text to my manager about a schedule change in advance for one specific date, as I had a personal matter regarding my daughter. Well, that one text almost cost me my job. I remember walking out of the back room filled with tears saying to myself “I DESERVE MORE”. This may have sound like it wasn’t a big deal for some, but it was for me. Considering I put a lot of hard work and dedication to this job, I felt like I was being taken for granted as an employee. After calming down I took a few deep breathes, made one phone call, walked into the back office and spoke with the district manager, walked right out and never looked back. I quit my job. It was the scariest yet the best decision I could’ve done. Of course thoughts immediately began to swarm in my head about finances and how I would manage my bills and my rent, as I wasn’t making a lot of money at that time with my blog alone so quitting this job was a big deal. But, what started out to be a humiliating day for me turned into one the biggest blessings in disguise. So as I sit with a coffee in hand and reflect over the past year, I can rebuttal my first thought from how 2016 hit me like a brick to “wow, what a great year it turned out to be after all”.  Life is about taking risks; the comeback of my online boutique which I had given up on previously was by far the best rewarding experience. Not only did I refocus on my online boutique, but with all the new changes happening I knew I needed to work on my personal life as well, like putting myself out there emotionally and being more mindful of the people I had in my life like my family, and taking the time to really build a healthy relationship with my mother. I was always working and on the go, that I forgot what it was to give time to others. I was working so much to make sure I paid my bills that I lost in touch with a lot of my close friends.  I had to apologize and rebuild those relationships I had lost with the people I loved and cared for. As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to go through a bad breakup, and all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) moments of my 18 year old daughter. To all the moms out there that have daughters at this age, you know the ups and downs during a young girl’s adolescence- wonderful, but very hard.  My breaking point was in March when I found myself depressed, alone with nothing but my blog, and it was at that moment that I had enough of playing the victim. Even though I was going through real hardships, I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and turn things around. I wanted to be better AND feel better. I started working out twice a day, eating healthier, saving every penny and eventually finding the way. I put my trust in God and he moved me forward.  Little by little I saw blessings falling into my lap. A friend of mine had offered to pay for my sessions of pictures that month for my blog and it was a miracle because I needed content for the blog and it’s been a blessing since then. I tell you, there are miracles everywhere: in people we meet, in opportunities that are presented to us, in places we happen to fall in etc. Maybe it was that one call that never came, or that breakup that we never got closure from. God sometimes pulls us away from certain people or things even when we don’t understand at that moment but it’s all for a purpose. Our purpose. The miracles are you and I; we have the power to help and to create.And so my fabulous friends, my recap is the before and after- all the series of events that turned my life around this year. But most importantly: my faith. I’ve expressed to you all that I am a Christian and so for me, my faith is what brought me out of all the bad. God is really the reason I’m still doing this and I pray for 2017 to be bigger and better. I never want any of my followers to feel like I am close minded so whatever it is that you believe in or what you think helps you move forward in life, go with it. And so my faith is what drove me forward. I had the pleasure of visiting my beautiful country (Dominican Republic) and I also went to Puerto Rico for the first time and that is when I truly gave thanks to GOD for allowing me to be able to see another small part of the world. Have you seen how beautiful our world is?  Traveling was definitely a blessing for me this year as well; working with amazing brands, my management, and building amazing connections along the way was vital. Most importantly, being able to pack up a suit case and share all these moments with you guys on my blog is what keeps me going. J.Rolling into 2017 I hope to continue sharing my journey. I’m going to LA and Canada in March, so keep a look out for those blog posts!  It’s also going to be a meaningful year for my family as my brother is getting married in July (another blog to keep a look out for). As for lovely Paris, the date is not yet set in stone but I’m waiting on confirmation of the hotel so that’s all in the works. I’m going into this year with new challenges, but I’m ready to take it head on. I know this New Year is going to be better than the last. Huge thanks to you guys for always loving, supporting, and buying everything I post! Ya’ll are the real MVP’s haha J. I really do love you guys, I have the best followers and I cannot thank you enough for all the support. Everyday I worry that my blog isn’t good enough, but I know God is with me and this is what I’m meant to do. Stay true to yourself! (I give myself the same pep talk every morning).20162016 2016Dress Kyrz’s Closet Jeans Citizen of Humanity Booties Steven Madden Ring & Clutch From St. Xavier & Blue Stone Ring Vicidolls I wish you all a very happy New Year! Let’s all go in strong! I can’t wait to share so many stories together.xo, K  Article by kyrzayda.com

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