The Powder Room

The Powder Room The Powder RoomThe Powder RoomThe Powder Room Beauty Studio is a Makeover Center in Upper Montclair, NJ offering the very best in personal care, beauty and comfort.The Powder RoomThe Powder Room

This blog is all about lash extensions. I get them done at The Powder Room in Montclair. The powder room is like the ultimate girly spot to go and pamper yourself, and who doesn’t love some ME time? The space is beautiful, the girls make you feel at home. I literary take some naps while Maria is working her magic. She is super gentle and takes her time. Cynthia does my eyebrows, she is very talented and very professional. When I started going to her a year back I had no idea how to fill in my eyebrows, they had no shape to them, they were super thin. She has literally saved me, I feel like a pro (lol).
I know eyelash extensions may sound like an added maintenance to your everyday routine but really, you’ll just find yourself wearing less and less makeup, saving you hours over time. Lashes completely change your face by making you look refreshed, put together and ready for the day.
I really want to thank them as a team for being part of my beauty regimen and keeping me beautiful for my trips, main events, and every day life. 

The Powder RoomHere are some tips for those ladies thinking about doing lash extension.Eyelash Extensions when applied by a professional will not ruin or make your natural lashes fall out. Every person gets a whole new set of natural lashes every 90 days. It’s a constant cycle. The powder room services include Blowouts, makeover, spay tan, eyelash extension & eyebrow service! Article by

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