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Beauty Talk Beauty TalkTalking beauty on Monday. As you guys know I love taking care of my skin. I try to invest as much as possible in my skin. For me it’s about feeling great even when you don’t have an inch of makeup on. A few years ago you would not find me leaving my house without makeup, oh no. You would find me with at least some eyeliner on. As I grow older I guess I see the importance of my skin and aging. I’m 38 years old and to me beauty is defined by your personality …but there is noting wrong with looking your best. I love hearing people say “NO way your not 38, you like 28!”

I noticed that in this industry now everyone is learning how to do their makeup and doing it well. I don’t like makeup as much these days, but I do always struggle with my eye brows. They are just way too thin and in the past had no form. My biggest weakness though were my lashes. OMG guys I’m the queen of lashes. I love mascara, I have tried each and every one of them. From Dior to L’oreal … you name it and I’ve tried it.When I discovered Cynthia back in 2015 her first reaction to my eye brow was omg girl you need a make over … She suggested I let them grow so she could define them. So the process began and it has been a much smoother since then. I learned to fill them up and trust me, it makes a huge difference when doing my make up and of course when shooting pictures.  Beauty TalkI was super excited to hear that Cynthia was opening up her own shop in Montclair called THE POWDER ROOM. She has a full beauty space including hair, makeup, lashes, eye brows and a small boutique. I have been going to Cynthia now for over a year and to the powder room ever since it opened. I will never forget that one time I was struggling and had no money to get my eye brows done and Cynthia said to me, “Kyrz dont worry about.” It that was so sweet of her.I love coming to the powder room, I see Maria for lashes and Cynthia for my eye brows at least twice a month. The place is super relaxing and their decor is awesome. I’m sure you guys have seen my post and snaps. I really want to thank them as a team for being part of my beauty regimen and keeping beautiful for my trips and main events.If you guys are ready for some changes in the upcoming new year or even ready to get dolled up, don’t forget this place has everything in one. Beauty TalkI want to share more of my beauty regimen with each and all of you because it’s important to invest in yourself on every level. So I was thinking of doing BEAUTY MONDAY’s what are your thoughts?Thank you for stopping by, XO K@Thepowderroom50 Article by

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