Merci, Gracias, Thank you

Merci, Gracias, Thank you Merci, Gracias, Thank youMerci, Gracias, Thank youThis is my year to be thankful. Like every year we meditate on the things we accomplished and we also give thanks for those good moments that have helped us grow. I thank God for so much this year. I was able to travel to several countries and many different states for work. I can’t list all the things I’m thankful for because leaving one unmentioned is not an option. I’m thankful for so much and I keep saying wow, God continues to bless me so much. I’m not even sure what did I do to deserve all this blessings. Don’t get me wrong I still have my moments and lessons to learn. On a more personal note, most of you know I have to deal with many things, challenging things that made me question myself as a person to the point I felt I was not good enough. Failure has taught me to not give up and continue chasing after my blessings.I’m also thankful for my mom, she is such a champ in my eyes. I remember back in March when the world was coming down on me … my moms words were “GET UP AND GO TAKE YOUR PICTURES.” The same woman who thought I was crazy and was so worried when I quit my job gave me motivation to continue pursuing my dream. Each time I get paid for a campaign, I think of my mom. Whether it be treating her to a mani/pedi, or paying her a bills, blessing my mom in any way is one of the best ways of saying thank you to her. I love my family, we might not be perfect but I thank GOD for everyone in my life.I also want to thank you guys, MY FOLLOWERS, for all the love and support. We are growing little by little and I truly want to connect more and more with different cultures and countries. I have learned so much this past month about myself and I know there is always room to grow. I Thank God for each opportunity I had this year to work with amazing brands from E-news, Amazon, Amex, Patricia Nash, Stitch Fix, Casa De Campo, Stella Artois, HP, Dove, Windsor Store, Lord & Taylor, Uber, and so many more. Thank you to all the PR’s that really trusted me with their work.I’m thankful for the food on my table, and a roof over my head .. I may not have much but I have enough. Seeing all the tragedies going on in the world I can only say BE THANKFUL for the small things in life, like love. God said in the Bible give thanks in all circumstances, not only in good times but when you have nothing. I truly thank God for all the pain I had to go through to learn to be who I am today. This blog is dedicated with all grace to GOD for saving and forgivingme. I don’t believe Thanksgiving is one day, I believe everyday we should take the time to give thanks, to help others in need, to say a grace, to be kind… If we have the opportunity to be a vessel of light … well we are just fine in this world. Thank you to each and one of you for the constant love and support to my blog, and all my social media. LOVE YOU GUYS…. GOD is good…Merci, Gracias, Thank youMerci, Gracias, Thank youMerci, Gracias, Thank youMerci, Gracias, Thank youThanks for Stopping by XO, K Top & Jeans (Coming soon) Kyrz’s Closet Sandals Windsor  (30% off Black Friday)

Merci, Gracias, Thank you

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Merci, Gracias, Thank you

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