Signature SignatureSignatureSignatureHello!Nothing like fitted jeans a bomber jacket for a night out or a date, this time Denisse and I decided to go for tacos and sing Xmas Carols in the car.. it was epic lol. I have been working with Denisse for 2 years now and we have our ups and down,s but trust me she is one of those people who I truly feel blessed to have. I have grown so much since I started shooting better quality pictures for my content. So here is to you Denisse aka (Thugnanny), a huge THANK YOU for all you do for me and all the other bloggers out there who depend on those great pictures.This one is my epic walk, ha ha if only you guys knew! It’s like one of my signature pictures, not done on purpose but it just happens to be a good one. I also have the tendency to hold my hair a lot.. I guess I just have a bad habit … and if you notice I don’t show my face a lot. It’s not done on purpose either it’s more like she and I get in the action of moving a lot. I must say I love the struggle of the behind the scenes, changing in the car, trying to find my shoes. Cold or humid …. it’s all worth it for that one signature look that really set’s you apart from the rest. I think it’s important to create a style that people can remember and for sure never play it save.. EVER… Fear is for sure defeat and you have to be very confident in this industry and trust me guys I still have to work on mine.Regardless, some good fitted denim, white tan top and a bomber jacket like this can take you places and very far.. The bomber is from the new collection Kenzo x HM. I find that Windsor Store has the best basic white tee’s and of course if you want good denim get ready to spend a bit more .. Loving this rag and bone I got a intermix however I will be sharing some links of some Rag and Bone on sale.SignatureSignatureSignatureSignatureSignaturePumps Schutz Shoes (Similar)Thank you guys for stopping by! Happy WeekendXo, KArticle by

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