KenzoxHM KenzoxHMKenzoxHMHey guys so wanted to show a mini preview of the awesome collection by Kenzo for H&M, launching in store tomorrow November 3rd.I was able to get some really cool pieces and this dress happens to be one of my favorites from the collection. A very rich and bold collection, and when I mean rich it’s because everything is an expression of style and confidence.A few weeks ago, I don’t know if you guys remember from my snaps and Insta-stories, I was invited to their presentation. KenzoxHM was super fun and lively. I’m obsessed with the entire collection. The range includes palazzo pants, bomber jackets, maxi skirts, rain boots, and faux fur .. just a fun fun fun collection!KenzoxHMKenzoxHMThank you guys for stopping by, XOKenzoxHMKenzoxHMKenzoxHMPicture Credit Elle UKArticle by

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