mercedes-benzmercedes-benzmercedes-benzmercedes-benzmercedes-benzmercedes-benzThe number one question I get asked about my name is: “Is that your real name?” They are of course referring to the Mercedes part. Hmm, if I were to make up my name, why would I name myself after a car?! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the Mercedes-Benz brand but that’s a bit silly. Yes, my last name is really Mercedes and it’s actually a very popular last name (not just a first name) in certain parts of Spain. Being Dominican means my European ancestors are mostly from Spain, hence the name. I once had a Spanish woman from tell me Mercedes is a last name more specifically from the Canary Islands. Oh la la, I should go there and visit my peeps.Moving from the origins of my name to this denim jacket…what happens when your bestie finds a dope-ass patch with “Mercedes-Benz” on it?! She surprises you by sewing the patch onto your favorite vintage jacket and viola! A masterpiece is born. Thanks Natalie!!!Dolce Vita top + skirt // Coach boots // Vintage denim
Photography by Allen DanielLucy Skirt • Sole Society • $165
Dolce Vita Bo Cami In Ivory • Dolce Vita • $99
Ashby Ankle Boot – Black Suede • Rag & Bone • $525 Article by

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