2013 20132013Hello guys, 2013 was a special year for me. I was let go of this company I worked for 5 years as a claims and appeal coordinator. I started in 2008 and between those years I had the most bumps, heartbreaks, transitioning my faith,and just so much going on in my early 30s .. I also discovered my fun times I started going out more and I did a few parties but than I realized it’s not what I wanted so I want back to being “boring”.I started shopping in 2008 at this small vintage store called “The Attic,” omg guys I would shop so much, I just needed to feel good about myself. I also enrolled into college, I was just trying to find ME .. once you find that 9-5 you kind of get stuck in your in a comfort zone and no one can get you out. In 2012 so much happened I was part of the cast of “Glam Fairy” but Reality T.V was not for me, didn’t find myself there either. I also started doing fashion segments for Telemundo and I really enjoyed the journey. I also broke my arm in 2012 and that really brought me down like majorly. Working 2 jobs for 3 years, wow where did time go. I just had dreams, like being part owner of Once upon a Skirt, but when things shifted for me, that was no longer a possibility. 2013 is when I really questioned myself “What are you doing” you love fashion, you style girls at the boutique .. do this for YOU? Stop making others so rich .. so I decided to start my blog and really I didn’t do much with it .. but in 2014 I really killed it, in a good way lol.Not having a job allowed me to learn the meaning of hustling so I did what I had to do. Waking up at 5am to train at the gym and selling my clothes on poshmark helped me a bit. So it wasn’t till the end of the year that I went back to FULL time I hated it, I was miserable . I remember crying because I would say when is my break coming, GOD like I want better for me, I want better for my family. Just a lot of struggles between those years of working retail AGAIN and blogging .. I remember that Friday like it was yesterday. I went to work and I walked out of store “I quit” yes they say it’s not good to quit but I did and it was the perfect the motivation for me. My mentality was ” You need to get this going” believe me guys I have invested my all in Blog, I really believed in it more than before. Here we are almost a year has gone by and I can truly share this story with you. There is so much more missing but I feel like I can’t thank you guys enough. I know the road ahead might not be as easy but it’s worth walking up. each day at 5:30 and getting those emails, those pictures, that blog, the rejections and ALL the NO’s, but I’m not here to count the NO’s, I’m here to say Thank you God & Thank you guys for the constant love & support… If you ever feel lost remember your beginnings.20132013Wearing Maxi Dress from Windsor Store & House of Mackage Leather Jacket (Kenya) Fav Combo for Fall!


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