October Favorites

October Favorites October FavoritesOctober FavoritesOctober FavoritesOctober FavoritesOctober FavoritesOctober FavoritesHey guys so on today’s blog I will be sharing some of my favorites products, things I have recently purchased, or have gotten as gifts.One of my latest purchases has been the book by Song of Style, “Capture your style.” It is perfect for inspiration, but most importantly if blogging is your channel of income this will help take your blog or business to the next level. I just love Aimee, I have seen her in a couple of fashion week shows but also saw her years ago when she was part of a panel in L.A, truly inspirational and hard working.Besides loving fashion I have been obsessed with home decor and beauty products. Lately I have been trying to remodel my room with a more L.A vibe to it and I even discussed a complete change with a good friend of mine who does interior decorating. When it comes to make up and beauty I love it all, highlighters, exfoliates, mascaras you name it. Lancome gifted me some of their latest products.. have you guys tested their mascaras? They are fantastic! I also love the dry shampoo by Amika. Amika gifted me several of their products as well and you guys should also check them out.Nothing sums up the pleasure of coming home after a long day and having your apartment smell great. I think my favorite item has to be the Aera for home, its a scenting device I swear it’s genius! No more spending money on candles guys this thing is so cool. You can actually download the application and control it yourself via phone.I couldn’t end this blog without mentioning this awesome fragrance gifted by Le Labo Fragrance, the packaging is so beautiful and the scent lasts a really long time. Absolutely my favorite.October FavoritesThank you guys for stopping by, XO K  Article by kyrzayda.com

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