Food, Laugher & Selling our Closet

Food, Laugher & Selling our Closet Food, Laugher & Selling our ClosetFood, Laugher & Selling our ClosetWe had some yummy Ice Cream at Taiyaki NYC Food, Laugher & Selling our ClosetWe had lunch at Seamores  Soho NYC (So yummy try the Poke if you go)Food, Laugher & Selling our Closet#lotd (EYES CLOSE oh no)Just a little recap of my day yesterday. I meet up with the girls to discuss a fun event we are planning for Sunday the 30th…We had lunch at our favorite spot, Seamore’s! After I had some yum ice cream at this place called Taiyaki, so cool… I swear guys SOHO is seriously a treat from all the cool shopping places to the best food ever. A few blocks away you will find a taste of Italy …We walked a few blocks, laughed like crazy and did a few snaps. I myself had an event at Pier 36 for KenzoxHM which was amazing, what a SHOW! I can’t wait for their launch release for HM on 11/2 you guys have to get your hands on this collection.Amy, Rocio and I have a few things in common, we are bloggers, dominicans and we love to just learn about each other and what we can all bring to the table. Besides, we like to stay up with the latest trends which can cause a bit of a problem…so we decided it was time to do a mini garage sale of our closet. “Shop the good, the new and the used” SHOP OUR CLOSET! So we are meeting Sunday the 30th at 1pm at The LA Libertad Restaurant 3764 Broadway NEW YORK NY (Uptown), it will be so cool if you could join us and have a small snack and a drink with us.. The prices will depend on each blogger. I have items ranging from 10-45 dollars but I also have some luxury goods.I hope you guys can join for this fun event everyone is invited, bring your momma, sister, brother lol Everyone …I hope you guys are having an awesome week, deats on the look below : )Article by

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