Coffee Break x Agenda

Coffee Break x Agenda Coffee Break x AgendaCoffee Break x AgendaCoffee Break x AgendaCoffee Break x AgendaCoffee Break x AgendaCoffee breakDress up, show up and never give up is my motto. Especially in this industry, and especially when personal things happen, when life happens. For some time now I have been dealing with a very delicate issue, something very personal to me and I asked everyone for prayer .. Perhaps one day I will share with you all but for now I think it’s something I would prefer to keep to myself. Sometimes it is best to separate your personal life from social media. I’ve learned that you don’t want to mix both. But I do have bad days, problems just like any one else does, and struggles. Always remember this is why we have to continue going, no matter what’s surrounding us we have to continue shinning because positive cancels out the negatives. I’m not implying to forget your problems but to handle them with grace.Sundays are special because I get to connect with myself, and ask myself what are the things to accomplish this week, and how to start my Monday with positive energy. I love going to a nice cafe for breakfast and checking out my calendar and brainstorming what campaigns I’m working with and also monitoring my social media and other platforms I just want to make sure I’m delivering, I know it sounds crazy but I treat this like everything I have right now, because it is. I think sometimes we loose inspiration but I try to focus on the things happening around me. As you guys know I own a small online boutique and my blog, after quitting my job in January I made my blog my priority.. this is my career. I didn’t finish college so for me having this and being good at it is something I take pride in. Fashion is my forte and I’m okay with it, but I have thought of going to back to college to better my grammar and writing skills. There is always room for improvement.For my look I opted for something casual yet chic. I love wearing ponchos, but to accentuate the waist I’m wearing my Gucci belt, which is my latest investment. The boots I got earlier in the year as well as the poncho. I think its important to invest in key pieces that would allow you to use them over and over while mixing up their look by styling them differently.I’m going to share with you guys some of the places I love in Montclair, if your around these places are a must stop! There are also a lot of shops in the area. Hillsong church is also there if you guys want to find the perfect worship place just stop by.Best breakfast – Red Eye
Best Donuts – Montclair Bread
American Food – The spot
Best Cuban Food – Cuban Petes  Article by

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