The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For

I always root for the undone option in terms of makeup…and even more so when it comes to my lips, so when I heard of Glossier’s Generation G Lipsticks, you bet I was excited! On Glossier’s website, it’s described as “a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of a stain, but glides on and wears like a tinted balm.” I put all four colors to the test hard these last 2 months or so and here are my final thoughts…The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting ForTo me, it’s equal parts lipbalm and lipstick (unless you have severely dry lips), and so brainlessly easy to apply. I haven’t exactly mastered lipstick, but these require no precision or mastery – simply swipe it on, press your lips together, and you’re all good to go. No mirror required. They go on quite sheer, but are buildable and look really pretty! After wearing one of these, you’ll look like you’ve applied lipstick and then tissued some of it off, except you really didn’t.Generation G comes in 4 shades: Cake (a muddy nude color), Crush (a flirty magenta shade), Like (a darker “my lips but better”), and Jam (a deep berry tint). My favorite is Jam and a close runner up is Like (this has actually been my every day lip color as of late). Cake is my least favorite only because I can’t tell that I’m wearing anything at all, and then Crush falls somewhere in between those… You can see why in the images below.The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting ForThe Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For

left – cake, right – like

The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting ForThe Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For
left – crush, right – jam

The plastic packaging isn’t great (or appealing), and I know I’ve read several complaints about it, but I think it’s quite convenient. I never have to worry about them breaking or falling apart. They’re also weightless and fit into the tiniest crevices of any bag you might be carrying – no complaints. At $18 a piece, I wouldn’t say they’re insanely expensive because they deliver exactly as they say they will. The only thing I caution you with is using a true lip balm prior to applying these – that extra slip isn’t going to help the color payoff. If you do apply a lip balm, I’d recommend waiting several minutes before layering and building on Gen G. Because I like them so much as a lipstick, I also wish they came in more colors…give me an orange, a fiery red, and 90s brown, you know?!The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For Making Dark Lips A Thing of Summer
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The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For

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