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Silky Skin… Silky Skin… Silky Skin… Silky Skin… Silky Skin… Silky Skin…Robe: BareFoot Dreams

Skin care has always been super important to me, and the older I get, the more and more important it becomes.  My sister-in-law is about to graduate from esthetics school and she’s totally gotten me into exfoliating. She just got me these exfoliation gloves that are INCREDIBLE! Basically, they kind of work like a loofah but they are little more rough so they take all the dead skin off. After I get out of the shower and lotion up, my skin feels absolutely amazing (seriously you need to try it). It’s super important to moisturize after you exfoliate so lately I’ve been using EOS Body Lotion. I’ve always been a huge fan of EOS (have you tried their lip balm? I couldn’t live without mine, I have about 10!!!) and their lotion is just as amazing. It’s moisturizing, smells SO good (the two options are Berry Blossom and Delicate Petals), and leaves my entire body feeling and looking smooth and soft. I use to get these weird bumps on the back of my upper arms and since I’ve been exfoliated several times a week and putting on my EOS lotion they’re almost gone! Especially with being pregnant, I’ve been trying to keep my skin healthy and hydrated (trying to avoid stretch marks) so I’m glad I have my new little skin routine because I really can’t believe the difference in my skin.

What are some of your beauty secrets for healthy skin?!

xo, Rach

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