Quick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFW

Quick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFW Quick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFWWhat is it about fashion week and the street style pictures that cause more of anticipation than then runway itself? I follow amazing bloggers like @Songofstyle @somethingnavy @wendyslookbook @happilygray … and I wonder how the magic happens. If you have 4 shows to attend, do you change 4 times?  In the perfect bloggers world, yes, if it is necessary we do. This is what happens, brands want you to wear their clothes during fashion week because is a great way to showcase their latest pieces during the busiest time of the fashion industry. I learned that it is not necessary to change, do I as a blogger prefer to change in between shows? Yes if I have time in between I would do it. To me it’s all about looking fresh and looking your best … after all it is only twice a year we get to play with so much clothing. Besides shows there are so many events to attend and after parties, so yes I do find it important to look at your best. However I do understand that you may have to hustle if you’re not staying in the city. Trust me guys, its so hard because the alternative is like carrying a mini suitcase into every event and show and that is  A BIG NO … I was going to book a hotel but due to some bad timing (I waited for last minute) everything was over booked or too pricey. So instead I scheduled one day to do all my shoots of the looks I wore during fashion week. I also highly recommend preparing ahead of time for your looks, especially if you know you have certain amounts of looks to coordinate. It helps me ….This look I wore for an event and I could not shoot it the same day. I actually met up with Denisse and we shot all my Fashion week looks. I love this dress from Quinn, super chill you can rock with a leather jacket or denim ….. style it to GO. Most of the bloggers carried their super cool sneakers with them and trust me it works… Hope you guys enjoy this look!Quick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFWQuick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFWQuick Change with Quinn NYC x NYFWDress Quinn NYC Booties Nasty Gal Leather Jacket Aritziaxo, KArticle by kyrzayda.com

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