My Chocolate Obsession

My Chocolate Obsession My Chocolate ObsessionMy Chocolate ObsessionSunday mornings with my HP SPECTRE. I am absolutely loving my new computer.  It is a constant source of inspiration alongside the beautiful stationary that was also gifted to me by @hp. There are many reasons in life to be thankful and these beautiful marble thank you cards make it that much better. 
Since using my new Spectre I have been noticing lots of changes in my work ethic. I actually look forward to sitting at my desk and using my sleek new laptop. I find that I get my blogs done faster. I have also been using my new toy to practice my video skills. 
What I really love about my Spectre is that it is truly a beautiful computer. The rich chocolate brown color is so enticing, almost sultry looking. Not only does it look good but as someone who is always on the go, I find my Spectre to be very portable. It’s so easy to carry that I never want to leave it behind. It’s so practical I even brought it to the city on my recent adventures.  
My Chocolate ObsessionMy Chocolate ObsessionMy Chocolate ObsessionLast week was fashion week and it was just chaotic .. omg!! However, my Spectre was my peace in the storm. Staying organized and keeping my schedule was easy thanks to an amazing feature that displays your to do list and calendar appointments on the screen. Guys, I’m horrible at remembering dates and times so believe me it came in handy for sure. A quick glance at my Spectre helped me stay on track. The more I use it the more I fall in love with it.I can’t stop bragging about it and telling all my friends how obsessed I am with it. My friend Luisa came over the other night just to see it herself and she loved it enough to consider one for the new school year. She was surprised by how lightweight and thin the Spectre was. It really is the perfect portable computer for the stylish girls out there. If you are as obsessed with good looking products as I am, I highly recommend adding the Spectre to your shopping lists, you won’t regret it.Article by

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