Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You?

Cleansing waters have become the way to remove makeup over the last couple years…And it’s one of those trends I attribute to Lisa Eldridge (even though I don’t love the Bioderma Crealine as much as she does). Since then, I’ve hoarded quite a bit myself…enough to where I know not all cleansing waters are created equal!I’ll be surprised if you haven’t dived head first into the world of cleansing waters given that they’ve popped up everywhere and from every brand! There’s even a plethora to choose from at the drugstores! So in case you missed in, it’s basically water infused with molecules that absorb dirt… With the other skin-loving elements brands amalgamate with them, they essentially become a cleanser, makeup remover, and toner all in one. I know I’ve read that Pat McGrath swipes her models faces with the Bioderma Crealine before applying their makeup. Personally, I love cleansing waters so I thought I’d share my stash and thoughts with you…This is my absolute favorite of the 5 (and Eva Chen approves). I feel like it does the best job at removing makeup whilst still being super gentle and nonirritating on the skin. My face just feel really fresh and soft afterwards. Don’t expect to remove mascara entirely, but it will break it down.I’m really surprised this product receives negative reviews. It comes close to the Koh Gen Do, but falls a tad short in the after effects. I feel like there’s a slightly sticky residue that makes me still want to wash my face. That aside, it’s great as a makeup remover and also breaks down eye makeup miraculously. It’s feels really fresh and delicate – I didn’t experience any discomfort.Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You?Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You?

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water

I love that this one contains Niacinamide, but feel that it’s tad expensive for what you’re getting ($35 for 6ish oz). Outside the high price, I like it just as much as I like the Caudalie. It removes all traces of makeup while still leaving the skin really hydrated and supple.From the drugstore, I don’t think anything will top the Garnier one. It’s the newest one in my collection, but works like a magnet, absorbing all the dirt, oil, and makeup you need it to without much effort. I know I’ll definitely be repurchasing, especially when I can get it for less than $8. I use this as a makeup remover or for a pre-cleanse and it’s just BOMB!I tend to think I got a lemon based on all the wonderful reviews out there (and because Ms. Eldridge endorsed it), but this is my least favorite of the bunch. I feel like I really need to rub it into my skin in order for it to remove anything and even then, there’s still traces of makeup. After two cotton pads, my face still feels dirty. It may work better as a toner (or in the way McGrath uses it), but don’t expect too much out of this bottle. You might be disappointed.  

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Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You?

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