A DIY Classic Bridal Look For Every Kind of Wedding

NOTE: I didn’t realize my first upload cut off super early, so apologies for the double post!I hope I didn’t keep you all waiting too long!I initially wanted to create an in-depth post with lots of photos and step-by-step visuals, but it was so time consuming and explaining everything in words became quite difficult. So then I forced myself in front of the camera and talked through several of my favorite products only to do it 3-4 times! Man, YouTube is a hard as F***! But I persevered because I knew a demonstration would be much better than an explanation.The best part is that even if you’re not the bride, but you’re attending a wedding as a bridesmaid or guest, or have some variation of a special occasion to look forward to, this look would be perfectly suitable.I find that most brides can’t pinpoint exactly what they want. They’ll show you a range of images, which all share many common themes…neutral-toned eyes that are a little smokey, yet not too smokey… Eyes must also be glowing bright. Natural luminous skin with softly flushed cheeks and rose bud lips are highly requested as well (and they’re timeless). I took all of this into consideration below so watch on to learn!  The Makeup Brushes Shaking Up My Beauty Routine
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Wedding Season is Here and You Can Look Amazing Without Upstaging the BrideWritten by: Susan HangWritten by: Zanita WhittingtonWritten by: Susan Hang© 2016 GZ Digital inc. All rights reserved. Terms & Conditions  Disclosure.
A DIY Classic Bridal Look For Every Kind of Wedding

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