5 YouTube Makeup Tutorials to Try This Weekend

 Beauty trends seem to be traveling at a faster rate than normal…This summer alone, we’ve heard much noise around strobing and nontouring, and then out of no where, draping! Contouring’s got so much competition lately! But I’m not really complaining because it gives me more things to do with my ever expanding makeup collection. If your beauty game’s been feeling a tinge outdated or just boring, you can always count on a few YouTube makeup tutorials to bring the spark back. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a few hours of YouTube…For an expert intro into draping:Goss always does an excellent job giving a backstory to makeup trends, and then demonstrating it. If you’ve never tried draping, you’ll know exactly how to do it with precision after this…For a simple glamorous look:Monika shows us how to take a less is more approach to makeup. With slicked back hair, a luminous base, bright eyes, and bold lips, you’ll be stunning in just 20 minutes.For real smokey eye mastery:You can count on Lisa for anything, but here, she teaches you how to face black eyeshadow head-on. The best part is, we can all channel our inner Kendall Jenner with this easy-to-follow tutorial…For that geek chic appeal:Faking freckles are not a faux pas when done tastefully. Tamira keeps it simple and shows us how to make it look real (all with everyone’s favorite eyebrow pencil)…For a beautiful no makeup makeup demonstration:This is a real fresh face look without layering on heaps of product. Take notes!  A DIY Classic Bridal Look For Every Kind of Wedding
Makeup For When You Don’t Want To Wear Makeup
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5 YouTube Makeup Tutorials to Try This Weekend

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