The Ultimate Breakfast: Crumpets

The Ultimate Breakfast: CrumpetsThe Ultimate Breakfast: Crumpets
Either you’re a crumpet or person. I’m a crumpet person.Believe it or not, I can actually still remember the first time I ever made crumpets. It was quite a while back, maybe when I was about 10 years old? In fact, it wasn’t even in this country – . It was in , of all places to learn to make crumpets. I had family who lived there for a while. We were lucky enough to visit them three times in Beijing. Those were actually the only times I travelled across the borders of my country. I thought that filled with diverse culture and amazing people. I loved how different it was to anything that I knew before it. Anyway, my cousins went to an international school, which was also amazing, and one in particular attended after-school cooking classes. (I wish they offered that here!) So when we were there, I had the privilege of attending one of her classes. That day we made – you guessed it: crumpets or flapjacks. When the teacher said, “Today we will be making crumpets”, I had no idea what she was talking about but then soon realised that they are the same thing as your normal flapjacks. Notice how much more sophisticated crumpet sounds?My loves crumpets too and so I made them for her. She is such an incredibly inspirational person and far more than just my mom. Without being cheesy or anything, thank you mom for being yourself and for working so hard for all of us. Here is a small token of my appreciation to you (this is what the more privileged people at my school say to other important guests who visit our school: here is just a small token of our appreciation to you…it seriously annoys me)…These little guys can be whipped up in 10 minutes flat! They are super easy to make and the results are delightful! This recipe makes light, crisp crumpets, which are perfect with fresh fruit, syrup, and butter.The Ultimate Breakfast: CrumpetsMakes about 20 small crumpetsPlace all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix until a thick batter forms.Melt a little butter with a drop of oil in a large frying pan over a medium to low heat.Drop spoonfuls of the batter into the frying pan. Once bubbles start to form around the sides of the crumpets, they are ready to flip. This usually takes about 2 minutes. Leave to cook on the other side for a further 2 minutes.Continue the process until all of the batter is gone.Serve warm with fresh fruit, butter and syrup. 

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