Healthy, but Delicious Coconut and Plum Oats

Healthy, but Delicious Coconut and Plum OatsHealthy, but Delicious Coconut and Plum Oats
I’ve never really appreciated winter until I realized how . It’s quite ironic how brightest light of all the seasons. Lucky for me, my bedroom is positioned in a way that attracts light all day long, keeping me warm and fuzzy. We aren’t quite in the thick of winter, but if it has light like in the photos above, I’m looking forward to it.Now onto the recipe: so last winter before school, my mom would make warm oats every morning, which were delicious. I really appreciated all the effort that went into making them, but after days and weeks of having the exact same thing , I grew sick of them (too much of a good thing is bad). Ever since then, I haven’t thought much of them…until I decided to try something new. I replaced the milk with milk (making it vegan), which added a sweet and tropical flavour, , cutting through the sweetness with a tangy kick. Plus I used coconut sugar – always better than refined sugar. The result was perfect and most certainly a great start to any winter day.Serves 2 peopleHealthy, but Delicious Coconut and Plum OatsPlace all of your ingredients into a heavy saucepan. If you want the plums to be soft, add them in at this stage. If you’d like them to be fresher, add them in after the oats are cooked. Bring the mixture to a light bubble, then turn down the heat and stir for about 10 minutes until thick and the oats are soft.Remove from heat and serve. Top each serving with a little coconut or full cream milk and 1 tbs coconut oil or butter.Don’t forget to check out our latest courses:  |  | 

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