5 Kinds of Tea to Give Your Health a Boost

Tea is kind of underrated…I mean, no one wants to see a beautiful warm cup of tea on like they do cappuccinos and , do they? But did you know that beverage in the world, only second to water – bet you thought it was coffee, right?I love tea and don’t drink coffee at all, unless it comes with a cone – in other words, ice cream. Aside from that, every single morning, I heat up some water and browse through my personal selection, depending on the mood and the goal of the day.There are only three main kinds of tea: green, black, and oolong with a lot of variations in the mix. Each one has its own purpose and benefits, but the sole ritual of drinking a warm cup of tea is in itself – relaxing. Let’s go through my favorite variations for a health boost.is my absolute favorite and said to be the one with the highest level of powerful antioxidants – the amazing little things that fight off the damaging free radicals in our bodies. It’s also famously known for its upward effects on bad cholesterol, , and burning fat. All of which, of course, come along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.5 Kinds of Tea to Give Your Health a Boost
There’s also the trending tea of the moment: matcha tea, which I’ve never actually tried it until a few days ago in a pear smoothie. Matcha is a powder that contains the  and can be consumed in more ways than one. A simple Google search shows us that matcha can easily be incorporated into smoothies, .is another favorite, especially if I’m or week. It has great and natural soothing effects, which helps you sleep better and .There’s also rooibos tea, which is quite popular in Japan, Germany, Holland, and England. It’s known for being low in tannins (that means you can actually enjoy it), easing digestive problems, and being rich in vitamin C. Another hidden fact: . That’s all we need to hear right? #FTWcan be made with the actual plant – it’s as easy as pouring hot water over a few leaves. It helps with digestion, eliminates inflammation, and is your cure for bad breath (no wonder it’s in everything from our mouthwash to gum).The best thing about tea isn’t just the amazing benefits, but it counts as water intake – a we can all use more of. So instead of drinking 8 cups of plain water or downing 3 cups of coffee, try sneaking in a few cups of tea…starting now. Don’t forget to check out our latest courses: | |  

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